The Connection Between Surgery and Total Health Dentistry

At Sante Family Dental, we help our patients make the important connection between surgery and total health.

While dental surgery is often not needed, we provide this service with cutting-edge, total-health dentistry options.


Fixing Bad Bites

If you have a bad bite, you probably experience uncomfortable biting, chewing, and even breathing.  In the past, surgery was used to correct a person’s bite. However, with today’s dental advancements, surgery is often no longer needed.

Bites and Total Health Dentistry:

Patients who undergo fixing their bite feel happier and breathe easier.

  • Treating bad bites is often based on the age of the patients.
  • Treatment can vary from airway focused braces, porcelain crowns, or rebuilding enamel.

Facial Structure Improvement

One of the most common signs of a bad bite and restricted airway is chin retrusion. The only solution that patients had until recently were chin implants or other forms of surgery.

Changes In Our Teeth Affect Our Faces:

  • The teeth are the pillars of our lips and face. When we lose or break teeth, we lose the support beams for our facial architecture.
  • By building up the back teeth and fixing a bad bite, we are restoring the pillars and the face looks more full and restored.
  • It’s not unusual for Comfortable Bite Treatment patients to look 10 years younger after treatment.
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