Check-Ups for Total Health

Regular check-ups are a vital step in pursuing your journey with total health dentistry. At Sante Family Dental, we’ll help you with regular check-ups, cleaning, as well as preventative advice and tools.

Why Routine Check-Ups Are Important

Making sure that your teeth and gums are healthy is extremely important. You should ensure that you are scheduling regular visits to your dentist every 6 months, or as recommended.

What to expect during my check-up?

During your check-up with Sante Family Dental, we’ll examine your teeth, gums and oral health. Afterwards, our team of dental hygienists will perform a routine, spa-like, cleaning and descaling of your teeth, as well as informing you of preventative measures leading up to your next visit.

Finally, we will schedule an appointment for a follow-up and continued check-ups.

A Thorough and Detailed Examination

Ceramic Metal Free Implants



Scheduling and Planning for Future Appointments

3D Cone Beam Dental Xray

Digital 3D Cone Beam X-rays

People often refer to this as Dental CT Scans. The 3D Cone Beam X-rays have lots of benefits over traditional dental x-rays. They can often detect infections in teeth and in root canals that are not visible on typical dental X-rays!

Each Patient's Journey With Total Health Dentistry is Different.

Sante Family Dental recognizes that each patient’s journey with total health dentistry is different, resulting in personalized check-ups and health plans in achieving total health.

Get in touch with us and start your journey with total health dentistry today.

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