Our Clients are Family at Sante Family Dental

Miriam Munn1/01/2020

Thanks so very much!!! Dr. Farahani and his dental team are true professionals. As we do not have holistic dentistry in Manitoba, I opted to have dental implants with Dr. Farahani in Stratford, Ontario. During my first consultation, I received in-depth information about the procedure which provided me with peace of mind regarding my decision. Every time I have been at their office, the atmosphere is peaceful and the staff friendly and courteous. The process from beginning to end was professional as well as a very pleasant dental surgical experience for me. To top it all off, was the personal phone call I received from Dr.Farahani on the Sunday following my surgery. I was so impressed! It is a true reflection of his care and concern for his patients health and well being. I would 100% recommend Dr. Farahani and his clinic. I will be returning to his clinic, from Manitoba if I am in need of any further surgical dental procedures.

Robin Teeuwen2/22/2020

I was very pleased with the facility, the staff, and most of all the opportunity to have a total dentistry approach available for my children. I felt immediately at home at the new facility and was able to have all three of my children there without issue. While I stayed and oversaw what one child was doing, the staff was excellent at helping with the other two. All three kids were made very comfortable. Thanks!

SYNC FORD2/01/2020

Great experience in my first appointment. Professional doctor who knows what he is doing, calm, patient and relaxed with his patients. Excellent front desk Manager, with people's skills. Great dental assistants saw three that day.

LaLa Dykstra11/13/2019

The new office is beautiful! It is very family friendly and the staff are welcoming. Dr. Farahani is very patient, making him a great dentist for children. We love his holistic approach to dental health and feel lucky to have our family in his excellent care - I highly recommend Sante Family Dental.

Monica Bellous2/23/2020

Everyone was very professional and welcoming. Nothing was assumed, staff asked permission for xrays and treatments. They explained what they were doing and why. They were always able to answer questions, and if they couldn't, would find out the answer.

Arla Kasaj12/07/2019

I was very impressed with the holistic and thorough approach to my dental assessment and treatment plan. One of the most caring dentists and staff 🙂 Thank you!

Melanie Knights2/19/2020

I loved the holistic approach, the facts on mercury and the damage caused by, and their want/need to make the whole process as comfortable as possible for you.

Melissa M11/12/2019

Awesome experience! They are so thorough and explain everything. Would recommend to anyone especially if you have kids!

LaLa Dykstra3/11/2020

Sante Family Dental has a beautiful office, with beautiful staff! They take their time with each patient, are professional yet warm, and most importantly, educate you on all procedures and lifestyle factors that greatly influence your dental health. It's great to have a dentist you look forward to visiting!

Melanie Knights2/19/2020

I loved the holistic approach, the facts on mercury and the damage caused by, and their want/need to make the whole process as comfortable as possible for you.

Rachel Mikitka2/18/2020

You should be so lucky to have Dr.Farahani as your dentist. I have had the incredible privilege to have Dr.Farahani as my dentist for the last 3 years, and he is the best of the best. Not only is he at the leading edge of research and technology in dentistry, he is also passionate about his work and compassionate towards people. He believes in complete autonomy for his patients, you will never feel pressured to have work done. I had 4 wisdom teeth removed by him without ever even feeling a needle, and my recovery was easy and pain free. He was also the architect behind fixing my bite and clicking jaw with orthodontics, not surgery, and my life has been completely change. You won't be treated like a set of teeth, but a whole person with your entire health taken into account. If eyes are the window to your soul, your teeth are a window to your health, and Dr.Farahani will help you on your journey to overall wellness. It is refreshing is having a dentist that knows and understands that cavities can heal with proper nutrition. If you've been looking for answers outside the standard dental view you've come to the right place!

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