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Vegan Monika8/12/2019

A gentle, kindred, compassionate presence. Dr. Ali Farahani and his staff have nothing short of blown me away by their gentle, kindred, compassionate presence. I intuitively feel safe, humbled, and confident under their professional advice and practice. I recommend anyone to visit their office for a healing experience not only with regard to dental health, but also on a deep spiritual level. It is apparent that they are working beyond conventional dentistry, as they operate with integrity and stellar core values.

Anne Gabrielle Walker8/12/2019

My dentist for over a decade. Dr. Farahani has been my dentist for over a decade. Proactive, extremely knowledgeable -- and constantly expanding and upgrading his base of knowledge -- caring, personable, and interested in the health of the whole person, Dr. Farahani has also built a wonderful and engaging team whose members possess those same qualities. Diligent, respectful of your time, and available for emergencies, Dr. Farahani and his team are health care professionals with whom we patients can feel a personal connection. I consider myself extremely fortunate and am grateful to be under their care.

Anne Near8/12/2019

Take the time to discuss treatment options. I highly recommend the office of Dr Ali Farahani and his staff. They make you feel welcome when you walk in the door, take time to discuss treatment options, provide the latest professional care and offer a whole body wellness approach. As an added bonus I show up early to enjoy a cup of complimentary delicious cinnamon tea and browse the latest health books in the waiting room.

Heide Bateman6/12/2019

I am now mercury and root canal free. About four years ago, I came to Dr. Farahani to have my mercury fillings and root canals removed. My mouth was a heavy metal dumping ground! I was aware of the connection between mouth health and chronic illness in other parts of the body, and I had reason to be concerned. The discovery of a breast lump that year was my motivation to begin extensive research into all of the ways I could improve my health. I was stunned by the number of references I found regarding the toxicity of mercury fillings, the dangers of root canals and their possible links to cancer. Pretty scary stuff!
Dr Farahani and his whole team took excellent care of me. My daughter became a patient a year or so later and happily, we are both now mercury and root canal free.
I know why many of Dr Farahani's patients have travelled great distances to be under his care. It is because his knowledge, his skill, and gentleness are second to none.

Amanda's Personal Training Studio8/12/2019

Wow ... all I cant say enough about this place, everyone is friendly and professional. Doctor Ali Farahani and his team make you feel relaxed and comfortable. I definitely wont be going anywhere else for my teeth!

Servie Muharemofski8/12/2019

I have been going to Dr Farahani for almost 10 years now and have had nothing but great experience. I love how he and his staff take their time to listen, to answer questions and take time to educate me on procedures and treatments. I never feel like just a number going there. They always make me feel and treat me like a whole person and not just a patient. Mostly though what I love about Dr Farahani is how educated he is on new dental treatments and health and how honest he is.

He doesn’t only seem to treat his patients in this kind, professional, and friendly manner, but he treats his staff the same way it appears to me. That might explain why they perform so well. They seem to work like one big happy family together. The environment is always positive and pleasant which is so important to me. I would most definitely recommend Dr Farahani to anyone, including my family.

Colleen Saunders8/12/2019

Extremely knowledgeable and friendly. Dr. Farahani and his staff are extremely knowledgeable and very friendly. I was very impressed with how my dental concerns were handled. I would and have recommended this practice to my friends and family. They are very up-to-date in their practices and inspire confidence in their abilities

R Reave8/12/2019

Ceramic Implants Dr. Farahani is one of the few modern day dentists in Ontario who has the training to do ceramic implants. His professional level of care and attention are evident and I am glad I made the decision to drive to Stratford.

Judy Carrick8/12/2019

I highly recommend Dr. Farahani and his team. They are thorough, patient with questions and are meticulous with treatment. They are prompt with appointment times and are very professional with customer service. All treatment plans are thought out with the clients in mind. I am very thankful to have found a dentist like this!

Robert Wilson8/12/2019

I'm now Mercury FREE! Due to Dr. Farahani. Leading edge in his field, with vast knowledge. Felt very confident in his abilities.

Chipman Health8/12/2019

The first dentist I have ever been to that understands the connections between overall body health and dental health. Dr. Farahani actually put a plaque scraping of mine under the microscope to see where I was in terms of bacterial disease of the gums. He is also up on the most modern methods of implants (I have 5 and his are the BEST). If you like intelligence, logic, really excellent technical skill and honesty in dentistry, I highly recommend Dr. Farahani.

Eryn Darling8/12/2019

Plainly stated, I met Dr. Farahani only a short few weeks ago and he has already changed my life. To add context, I have sat in more dentist chairs than I can count on both hands. Every time, I would arrive knowing there was something wrong with my root canaled tooth and every time, I was told it was perfect. I would leave frustrated and defeated. Dr. Farahani took one look at me and in one moment validated my concerns; my root canaled tooth had been severely infected for years. My treatment options were given to me and I chose to have the tooth extracted-at what was the easiest dental surgery I’ve had so far.

My debilitating fear of freezing needles is gone-why? Because I didn’t feel a thing. The trust I lost in dentistry-regained-but only thanks to this brilliant doctor who is passionate enough about helping people to go “against the grain” of traditional dentistry and change lives.

Nabil Moghaddam8/12/2019

I've had many procedures done by Dr. Ali (mercury amalgam removal, fillings, pulling, etc) and every time his work was done with perfection. The world needs more biological and skilled dentists like Dr. Ali. May the Lord continue to bless and protect him and his family.

Jackie Hundt8/12/2019

I have learned that if you need to get your health back on track, that you need to do your own research. Don't rely on conventional doctors to get you there. Recently I was getting a filling done by Dr. Ali and he asked me if it was okay if the procedure was watched by another (a student I'm assuming). He was discussing the procedures and products they use and said that most composite fillings contain, guess what, BPA! But not his. So if you avoid plastic with BPA in it, but your dentist is filling your mouth with BPA, that's unfortunate. I wish there were more medical practitioners around that understood and used natural medicine. Thanks Dr. Ali for giving us options!

Lynne Ternosky8/12/2019

Following the removal of all fillings with mercury, my arthritis pain reduced tremendously not requiring pain meds. If it were not me I would not have believed this report. Thank you Dr. Farahani for your services, education and maintenance of my teeth.


I was formerly a dental phobic. The kind that is politely asked not to return to offices, or is told that sleep dentistry is available. No more. Right from my first appointment, l was able to relax and put my trust in Dr. Farahani. I have had several fillings and bits of reconstruction work performed. Every time, the bite is perfect! Every time, the procedure is painless. Most importantly, this office is respectful and kind... they do not make me feel like an idiot for having questions or concerns. Stellar place to go for your oral health and hygiene.

Margot Rita8/12/2019

Dr Farahani was my saving grace. The office was exceptional, kind and informative. I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2015 and i immediately knew something bigger had to be done for my healing. After going to numerous tooth and gum specialists no one could tell me or even explain my sore bleeding gums. When i turned to holistic help by Dr Farahani he performed a few tests and it turned out i had 5 infected root canals in my mouth. What a disaster for healing and health. He performed an operation and removed all the dead teeth out of my mouth. After waking up from the surgery i felt something really different deep inside of me. Something i truly couldn't put my finger on i just felt amazing and pure. A few months later he removed 5 mercury fillings. His approach is gentle, transparent and overall very, very informative. I thank God everyday that i was able to find him. Thank you Dr Farahani

Sandra Piccoli8/12/2019

Dr Ali Farahani definitely exceeded my expectations. He not only has an extensive wealth of knowledge and experience, but is able to impart his knowledge in terms that are easily understood. He has a genuine care and concern that is unsurpassed. This is truly a dental office unlike any other!!!!

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