Our Clients are Family at Sante Family Dental

Miriam Munn1/01/2020

Thanks so very much!!! Dr. Farahani and his dental team are true professionals. As we do not have holistic dentistry in Manitoba, I opted to have dental implants with Dr. Farahani in Stratford, Ontario. During my first consultation, I received in-depth information about the procedure which provided me with peace of mind regarding my decision. Every time I have been at their office, the atmosphere is peaceful and the staff friendly and courteous. The process from beginning to end was professional as well as a very pleasant dental surgical experience for me. To top it all off, was the personal phone call I received from Dr.Farahani on the Sunday following my surgery. I was so impressed! It is a true reflection of his care and concern for his patients health and well being. I would 100% recommend Dr. Farahani and his clinic. I will be returning to his clinic, from Manitoba if I am in need of any further surgical dental procedures.

Robin Teeuwen2/22/2020

I was very pleased with the facility, the staff, and most of all the opportunity to have a total dentistry approach available for my children. I felt immediately at home at the new facility and was able to have all three of my children there without issue. While I stayed and oversaw what one child was doing, the staff was excellent at helping with the other two. All three kids were made very comfortable. Thanks!

SYNC FORD2/01/2020

Great experience in my first appointment. Professional doctor who knows what he is doing, calm, patient and relaxed with his patients. Excellent front desk Manager, with people's skills. Great dental assistants saw three that day.

LaLa Dykstra11/13/2019

The new office is beautiful! It is very family friendly and the staff are welcoming. Dr. Farahani is very patient, making him a great dentist for children. We love his holistic approach to dental health and feel lucky to have our family in his excellent care - I highly recommend Sante Family Dental.

Monica Bellous2/23/2020

Everyone was very professional and welcoming. Nothing was assumed, staff asked permission for xrays and treatments. They explained what they were doing and why. They were always able to answer questions, and if they couldn't, would find out the answer.

Arla Kasaj12/07/2019

I was very impressed with the holistic and thorough approach to my dental assessment and treatment plan. One of the most caring dentists and staff 🙂 Thank you!

Melanie Knights2/19/2020

I loved the holistic approach, the facts on mercury and the damage caused by, and their want/need to make the whole process as comfortable as possible for you.

Melissa M11/12/2019

Awesome experience! They are so thorough and explain everything. Would recommend to anyone especially if you have kids!

LaLa Dykstra3/11/2020

Sante Family Dental has a beautiful office, with beautiful staff! They take their time with each patient, are professional yet warm, and most importantly, educate you on all procedures and lifestyle factors that greatly influence your dental health. It's great to have a dentist you look forward to visiting!

Melanie Knights2/19/2020

I loved the holistic approach, the facts on mercury and the damage caused by, and their want/need to make the whole process as comfortable as possible for you.

Rachel Mikitka2/18/2020

You should be so lucky to have Dr.Farahani as your dentist. I have had the incredible privilege to have Dr.Farahani as my dentist for the last 3 years, and he is the best of the best. Not only is he at the leading edge of research and technology in dentistry, he is also passionate about his work and compassionate towards people. He believes in complete autonomy for his patients, you will never feel pressured to have work done. I had 4 wisdom teeth removed by him without ever even feeling a needle, and my recovery was easy and pain free. He was also the architect behind fixing my bite and clicking jaw with orthodontics, not surgery, and my life has been completely change. You won't be treated like a set of teeth, but a whole person with your entire health taken into account. If eyes are the window to your soul, your teeth are a window to your health, and Dr.Farahani will help you on your journey to overall wellness. It is refreshing is having a dentist that knows and understands that cavities can heal with proper nutrition. If you've been looking for answers outside the standard dental view you've come to the right place!

Kristen Sachs7/09/2020

Sante Dental is the next step in dentistry. Focusing on the whole body as it pertains to your teeth is what will provide my family with healthy smiles for a lifetime. Thank you for making my first visit so comfortable. It's refreshing to sit in a dentist's chair and feel so at ease.

Kristen Sachs7/09/2020

Sante Dental is the next step in dentistry. Focusing on the whole body as it pertains to your teeth is what will provide my family with healthy smiles for a lifetime. Thank you for making my first visit so comfortable. It's refreshing to sit in a dentist's chair and feel so at ease.

Mary Ann Bourdeau7/22/2020

I was very impressed with the entire experience. As a new patient, I felt very comfortable and cared for - warmly welcomed and treated sensitively.. The holistic services offered by Sante Family Dental are very much appreciated. Thank you!

Naturally Joyous8/12/2020

The new clinic is beautiful, the staff is very friendly and Dr Farahani is excellent. I highly recommend him

Faith Serwadda9/10/2020

I was in Dr Farahani's dental chair again on Aug 6th for the final phase of our 3 year journey of intervention and restoration. The 1st year we saved the good teeth. 2nd year we removed all mercury filings. This 3rd year we removed 2 highly infected teeth and all the dead roots.
Now the next step is cosmetic to restore all that was lost.

After the 1st restoration of the good teeth on my left side - top & bottom my health was DRASTICALLY improved. The chronic sinus infections, general malaise & lack of vigor/energy dissipated. With the left side also restored and cavities cleaned up, the BOOST to my health was greatly enhanced. In the 2nd year after the metal was removed, I couldn't believe the MAGNANIMOUS increase of health, vigor & well being. The inflammation I'd suffered from since my teens (mainly in my knees) dissipated and again the ENERGY & LIFE FORCE I gained returned me back to the strength of my teens - even better!!

This 3rd visit to extract the infected teeth and dead roots gave me an IMMEDIATE reaction that I had not experienced before.

I hadn't had much to drink the night before and only about 2oz of kombucha before my appointment at 10am. Immediately after Dr Farahani extracted the 1st infected tooth, I felt my bladder fill a little. But after he extracted the 1st dead root and every other subsequent to that, I felt my bladder FILL right up. With the last infected tooth extraction, my bladder filled to over full so that I could barely hold it...Dr Farahani had to hasten his pace of suturing so I wouldn't have an accident. Apparently the infection was so great it was affecting my organs - to which the roots of the broken teeth has been attached to (and other I'm sure).

It's been a month and again I am astounded at the VAST IMPROVEMENT in my health & also my bowel, bladder & skin elimination channels. I used to retain fluid in my calves due to the poor function of my kidneys because of the infection but since the extractions, my calves are now MUCHLY improved and pretty much back to normal in regards to no fluid retention.

I was hesitant at first about the extractions as I didn't realize the SERIOUS health effects the infection was having on my entire body & body systems. Dr Farhani gave me the room (over the last 2 years) to come to terms and UNDERSTANDING of this and when I was ready, we went ahead. That also applied to the monetary aspect of all my treatment. He understands we don't all have thousands of dollars readily available and will work within our budgets. He is a PHENOMENAL Dentist, highly knowledgeable, skilled and EXPERIENCED and also a BEAUTIFUL human being.

As I've said before, THANK you Dr Farahani and God BLESS you, your family and your WONDERFUL colleagues. You are ALL a TREMENDOUS BLESSING & GIFT to us all🙏

Alisa Pfeifle11/05/2020

No 'dentist office' smell! Happy staff who made heartfelt connections with me. Mary Jo made sure that I was comfortable with everything that she was doing and my mouth felt AMAZINGLY clean and fresh when she was finished. I felt that Dr Ali was really interested in helping me to achieve optimum oral, and overall, health. I am very grateful to have a compassionate dentist who is interested in whole body natural health, the environment, and natural living.

Mary J Davidson12/15/2020

I have been to many dentists in my lifetime and Dr. Farahani is by far the best. His training in Biological Dentistry allows him to remove mercury from teeth in the safest way possible. His methods for all other dental procedures are performed using materials that are the healthiest for our bodies. He takes the time to answer all of my questions and he does everything in a very gentle manner. I know I receive excellent advice and care from Dr. Farahani.

Two Plus Eight!11/15/2020

This was the best dental experience I have ever had in my life. My teeth, after one cleaning, are the whitest they have been - perhaps ever! At least since I've been an adult. They use a very gentle but powerful cleaning apparatus that wow, really works. I've been to other dentists in the past that after a cleaning, my teeth still looked yellowish. So then they offered a whitening package, which of course is really expensive....But at Sante you can just tell that they genuinely want to ensure you have healthy teeth and are not out to empty your wallet. The great thing was that they explain everything so clearly, of not only what they are doing, but what you yourself need to do. I learned alot! Another thing I have to say is I have done my research - and if you and your family can get in to be patients - do it! He is one of less than a hundred dentists in Canada that is accredited with the International Academy of Dentistry and Toxicology. There are less than 1200 in the whole world! Only 30 in Ontario! And he is one of them. Also, he is certified with the SMART technique of safely removing mercury from your fillings - only 10 dentists in Ontario have this certification! And that's not everything - but I am trying not to make this review into a book so I will stop now. Really though - this is the very best dental practice and I am SO GRATEFUL that our household was able to be come patients!!!!

Kimberley Butler1/09/2021

Because they were pleasant, and receptive to our time lines and needs. We appreciate the wholistic approach and would recommend that everyone seek this form of treatment in their dental care.

Melinda Bourdon11/07/2020

All staff were helpful, pleasant and professional. The services they offer are unique and their equipment state of the art. Whenever possible we choose a holistic approach to our families health care and Dr Farahani provides this for our dental health.

Fern Steiner1/12/2021

The compassion and care is exceptional! The atmosphere is so friendly! Totally trust Dr Farahani as my biological holistic dentist!

Kim Butler1/09/2021

Because they were pleasant, and receptive to our time lines and needs. We appreciate the wholistic approach and would recommend that everyone seek this form of treatment in their dental care.

Chris Pacheco1/22/2021

Dr. Farahani and staff at Sante Family Dental are exceptional. I recently went for amalgam removal and the experience was fantastic. Dr. Farahani is highly skilled and very knowledgeable. He is warm and friendly and exudes professionalism and genuine care for his patients. He explains the process and takes the highest measures to ensure your safety. Highly recommended for amalgam removal and any dentistry needs. I travel over an hour for the privilege of being a patient there and it’s well worth the drive. If you are looking into amalgam removal, Dr. Farahani is the best there is.

Lori Fries1/28/2021

The staff are all very friendly and knowledgeable. It is such a relief to finally be able to have the treatment required without worrying about how it will effect my health.

Tim Poser1/28/2021

I am a new patient at this office and was recently in for a cleaning just the other week. I must say that it was probably the best experience I have had at a dental office from start to finish. The front desk staff are very friendly and welcoming upon arrival. The dental staff are very knowledgeable and take the time to explain the procedures/products that they use while cleaning your teeth. It was also very nice to speak with Dr Farahani. You can tell from speaking with him that he is very passionate about dentistry and cares about his patients health and well being. Looking forward to my next cleaning!

Matt deJonge2/02/2021

The best dental office I've ever been to. The least invasive most gentle dental appointment I've ever had. Everyone was ultra friendly and everything was explained to me. X-rays were displayed for me to see, no harsh ingredients were used....Amazing!

Richard & Sharon Deslauriers2/05/2021

We found Sante Dental because we discovered we had elevated mercury levels. We were referred by Dr. K Rakic of Functional Medicine Uptown. Until then we were unaware Holistic Dentistry existed. We quickly realized this practice was consistent with our wellness philosophy.
You will be genuinely cared for as a whole person, not just a mouth with teeth. All staff are so warm and caring and you feel like you are the only person there.
Everything is thoroughly explained so that you will feel like a participant in your care. Olivia gives thorough and understandable teaching regarding treatment options. We have never had this level of information presented to us in order to make a decision. Trust is foundational to any patient/health care provider dynamic. That sense of trust came quickly. We know that our well-being is what is important to this practice.
Each staff is so enthusiastic that it increases your motivation to care for your oral health. Everyone is positive and encouraging.
We are so glad our search for the perfect dentist practice is over.
You will leave your appointment feeling you have just had a Tooth Spa experience

Lindsay Ford2/25/2021

I appreciate the education I get when I go to the dentist. Other dentists I've been to in the past have recommended procedures to me with very little explanation and I don't fully understand why they've recommended what they have. I don't feel like that at Sante Family Dental. The staff take the time to fully explain what's going on with my teeth (or my kid's teeth) so I know how to make an informed decision. I also understand what I can do to improve my dental health AND...the staff are pretty awesome with my kids.

Neil Coutney2/25/2021

All the staff at this clinic is very kind and attentive. They do a thorough examination and provide the best quality of service they can. I would definitely recommend this office.

Kit Vanderknaap3/02/2021

Very friendly environment with staff that goes out of their way to assist. All my questions were answered in a respectful way. I felt at ease and comfortable right away. Great energy!!

Paul Landini3/20/2021

This was my first visit to a dentist in years. What a positive experience! Everyone was friendly & upbeat, the atmosphere was relaxing. Mary Jo & Dr. Ali provided excellent care; they were thorough & gentle & explained everything using language that was clear & easy to understand.

Colin Wilson4/02/2021

I have found Dr Farahani and his team at Sante Family Dental to be friendly, knowledgeable and thorough. My initial interest was in having some existing root canals checked out which turned out to be a wise choice. There was indication of infection in my original consult and the removal revealed plenty of nasty infection. I will be continuing with implant replacements and also investigation into and removal of some mercury fillings. I trust the doctor and feel his experience and knowledge solidly compliments his overall approach to total and overall health. I even received a phone call from him on the Sunday after my extractions to check in with me. Now that's not something you hear of every day. I also find the facilities to be very safe in these pandemic times. If I could come up with one thing that doesn't get a 10.........it would be the parking. They do have a dedicated free parking lot but it is small and the spaces are extremely short and narrow. Not a problem if not many people are there. It's a different story when the lot is near full.

Joanne Passmore4/27/2021

Another positive experience with Dr. Farahani and his staff. Every possible covid precaution taken and then some, an experienced, knowledgeable and enthusiastic team to give unparalleled attention to my wellbeing. Sante Family Dental's mission is whole body dentistry utilizing state of the art technology, proper dental hygiene education and all with a smile and authentic caring.

Jane Thorpe5/06/2021

As a first time patient who has had several appointments with this clinic, I have been very impressed with Dr. Farahani and his entire staff. They really educate the patient so you can make the best choice. Their progressive methods for doing routine cleaning/check-ups as well as more complicated procedures (safe removal of mercury fillings) are superior to any dental experience I've had anywhere. Your overall health, and how it interacts with your dental health, is a priority for them. So glad I found this kind of care locally!

Tracy Shaban5/12/2021

Great office!
They educated me on how to clean teeth properly and why. What to use to build up the strength and improve them. They gave me a whole new respect for the care of my teeth and made me want to do it better as preventative care.
I was thrilled with their cleaning methods and care that they took.

M Hish5/15/2021

Very professional, skilled and caring practice. They take the time to explain each procedure to ensure the patient is comfortable and well informed. Their dental methods are very progressive and innovative by focusing on overall health and optimal healing. I was very impressed with Dr. Farahani and all his staff. I would have no problem highly recommending to family and friends.

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