Dental Implants in Kitchener

What Are Dental Implants?

Dental Implants from start (post) to end (crown, bridge or denture).

A dental implant is a comfortable and durable option for replacing a missing tooth or missing teeth. This alternative to a root canal is often used when a natural tooth is lost or is too far compromised to be saved. The dental implant is a post, either ceramic or titanium, that is placed into your jawbone to take the place of tooth roots. This implant then works to stabilize and stimulate bone growth around it.

The dental implant is a foundation on which a crown or bridge is placed. Like the foundation of a house, you want this base to be strong and sturdy. Dental implants fuse to the bone around them, creating a strong and healthy anchor to support your surface dental work. In the end, you have a secure, attractive and functional replacement for your lost tooth or teeth.

Traditionally dental implants were made of titanium, but now the use of ceramic implants offers a second more holistic alternative. An added bonus with a ceramic implant is that it can often be completed in one day. When your tooth is extracted and your implant is put in on the same day, you save both time and money.

Benefits of Ceramic Dental Implants:

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Gallery: Before & After Ceramic Implants

If you’re looking for a modern, state-of-the-art tooth replacement solution, dental implants are the way to go. You’ll not have to worry about your replacement not looking real or natural as the crown will be the only part that is visible about the procedure. At Sante Family Dental, our focus is to be the best Kitchener dental implant provider.

We’re not just about patching and filling dentistry. We understand that patients have different needs. That’s why we focus on an individualized approach to treatment. Every patient is treated like family and will make sure that you’re comfortable if you’re looking for a dental implant Kitchener dentist. If you’re unsure if a dental implant is the right decision here are some of the benefits you’re likely to experience.

Long-lasting Solution to Tooth Replacement

The natural implants will integrate with the jawbone with the dental implant procedure. The procedure will be a permanent solution for missing teeth. At Sante Family Dental, our team is highly experienced with dental implants and will go above and beyond in ensuring the procedure is being done with the highest level of quality and safety in mind. With other solutions such as removable dentures, they might need to be replaced from time to time. That’s why dental implants are the best solution if you’re looking for value for money.

Prevents Bone Loss

Not a lot of people know it but bone loss will be a result of tooth loss. That’s why we always recommend that patients are thinking about a replacement solution as soon as the extraction is done. Failure to replace the missing teeth could leave your mouth susceptible to fractures. With our dental implants, you get a permanent solution to tooth loss.

Easy to Care For

Dental implants are just like real teeth. There is no extra maintenance needed to keep your smile healthy. There is no need for applying adhesive or special cream as you would with dentures. Our doctors recommend brushing twice a day, flossing, regular dental visits, and that’s just it. You don’t need to do anything extraordinary to take care of the dental implants.

Feels and Functions Like Natural Teeth

This is one of the reasons why we recommend dental implants to our patients. There is a solid attachment of the implants to the jaw. Once you get used to the feeling, it won’t be long before you can’t notice the difference with natural teeth. It will be impossible for someone to distinguish implants from your natural teeth as it’s also infused with the gum tissue.

For natural-looking teeth, you can never go wrong with implants. Sante Family Dental is committed to attending to your every dental need. Quality dental care and optimized patient experience are at the core of everything that we do. Our dental office is open and patients of all ages can easily book an appointment with us.  Our team is friendly and welcoming and you’ll always feel at home when you visit our office.

All implants completed in-house:

Dr. Ali has extensive experience with dental implants and our clinic completes all aspects of dental implant treatment all under one roof. We use both titanium and ceramic posts, and each has its benefits. We will happily discuss which dental implant is the best choice for you.  

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How much does it cost to replace a tooth implant?

The cost for a dental implant to replace a single tooth can be different for everyone depending on the tooth, how much bone mass exists at the implant site, the type of implant (ceramic vs titanium, one-day vs multi-day, etc.). The best way to find out the price of a dental implant for you is to book a consultation. You’ll learn a lot about the choices, procedures and prices. You’ll be a dental implant expert in no time!

Does food get under dental implants?


You will not be limited to certain foods like you are with other tooth replacement options. 

Highly Rated Dental Implants in Kitchener, Ontario

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