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The most controversial topic in dentistry in the last 40 years has been the use of mercury in the most commonly used dental filling, called amalgam. 

With Total Health Dentistry, families can receive the care they deserve and enjoy more in life without the hassle of being a chronic dental patient.

Let’s address the demanding dental needs surrounding amalgam fillings.

The 3 C's for Mercury Fillings


What is in a Mecury Filling?

If we’re careful of what liquids, foods and products we put in our mouths, why should we forget to filter what goes directly into our teeth?

It’s understandable why dentistry accepted the use of mercury in amalgam 40 years ago, but with the educated and experienced Total Health Dentistry of today, we have superior materials that do not contain mercury to fill teeth .

Amalgam Consists of:

  • 50% mercury
  • 35% silver
  • 15% combination of tin, copper and zinc

Our patients will learn that mercury does leak into their mouths from the fillings, but it’s important not to rush to conclusions when considering to remove mercury fillings.

Standard drilling of the amalgam fillings will cause all of the mercury vapour to be released, causing the patient, the dentist and any assistants to breathe close to 80% of the mercury into their body.

Prior to removal of mercury fillings, consult with Sante Family Dental…


Many people choose to have their mercury ‘silver’ dental fillings removed using a strict scientific protocol as per the IAOMT and replaced with either white (plastic), gold or porcelain fillings. 

Dr. Ali Farahani is one of a handful of dentists in Ontario who is accredited with the IAOMT

Once a patient has any mercury amalgams removed, they can be replaced with white, gold or porcelain fillings.  With a professional consultation, the dentist and patient can figure out what the best replacement option is for the patient.

View Before & After photos of Dr. Ali’s work where patients have opted to remove their amalgam fillings and replace them with white fillings.

Options Including:

  • Replacing fillings with BPA-free plastic fillings, porcelain or gold.
  • Working hand in hand with other healthcare professionals such as a Naturopathic Doctor, a Functional Medicine practitioner or other talented and caring individuals.
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Mercury aside, these amalgam fillings often cause teeth to crack. This is such a common problem, and if you’re in your middle years, there is a 90% chance you’ve lost at least one tooth or part of a tooth because of a crack caused by a mercury amalgam filling.

Causes of Bad Bites, Facial Changes:

  • Broken fillings
  • Missing teeth
  • Tipped teeth
  • Lost jawbone

You’ve got a bad bite if you don’t know where your comfortable bite is anymore. If you feel more comfortable biting on your front teeth and not on your back teeth, you might have a sore jaw, sore or tired muscles. You risk breaking your teeth and/or fillings on a somewhat regular basis.

When we lose and break these teeth, we lose the support beam for our facial architecture. Total Health Dentistry will address this issue and give you back the full-face comfort you deserve.

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