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Your Home for Total Health Dentistry

At Sante Family Dental, we provide an approach to dentistry that focuses on how your overall health affects your dental health and how your dental health affects your overall health.

Start your journey of Total Health Dentistry with us today.

Total Health Dentistry

We are committed to providing comprehensive Total Dental Health for your entire familyWe offer more than just a wide range of procedures; we also create proactive dental-health plans that address underlying dental issues allowing you and your loved ones to live your best life.

Discover the Three Pillars of
Total Health Dentistry

Dental issues such as gum disease and cavities are symptoms of underlying problems.  By addressing these underlying issues we can develop a healthy future




A Unique Approach to Total Health Dentistry

We understand that the dental and overall health of you and your loved ones is critical to living your best life


Mercury & BPA-Free Fillings

Gum Care

Gum Treatment

Ceramic Metal Free Implants

Ceramic & Metal-Free Implants

What Our Clients Are Saying...

  • Sandra Piccoli8/12/2019

    Dr Ali Farahani definitely exceeded my expectations. He not only has an extensive wealth of knowledge and experience, but is able to impart his knowledge in terms that are easily understood. He has a genuine care and concern that is unsurpassed. This is truly a dental office unlike any other!!!!

  • Margot Rita8/12/2019

    Dr Farahani was my saving grace. The office was exceptional, kind and informative. I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2015 and i immediately knew something bigger had to be done for my healing. After going to numerous tooth and gum specialists no one could tell me or even explain my sore bleeding gums. When i turned to holistic help by Dr Farahani he performed a few tests and it turned out i had 5 infected root canals in my mouth. What a disaster for healing and health. He performed an operation and removed all the dead teeth out of my mouth. After waking up from the surgery i felt something really different deep inside of me. Something i truly couldn't put my finger on i just felt amazing and pure. A few months later he removed 5 mercury fillings. His approach is gentle, transparent and overall very, very informative. I thank God everyday that i was able to find him. Thank you Dr Farahani

  • Dawn8/12/2019

    I was formerly a dental phobic. The kind that is politely asked not to return to offices, or is told that sleep dentistry is available. No more. Right from my first appointment, l was able to relax and put my trust in Dr. Farahani. I have had several fillings and bits of reconstruction work performed. Every time, the bite is perfect! Every time, the procedure is painless. Most importantly, this office is respectful and kind... they do not make me feel like an idiot for having questions or concerns. Stellar place to go for your oral health and hygiene.

  • Lynne Ternosky8/12/2019

    Following the removal of all fillings with mercury, my arthritis pain reduced tremendously not requiring pain meds. If it were not me I would not have believed this report. Thank you Dr. Farahani for your services, education and maintenance of my teeth.

  • Jackie Hundt8/12/2019

    I have learned that if you need to get your health back on track, that you need to do your own research. Don't rely on conventional doctors to get you there. Recently I was getting a filling done by Dr. Ali and he asked me if it was okay if the procedure was watched by another (a student I'm assuming). He was discussing the procedures and products they use and said that most composite fillings contain, guess what, BPA! But not his. So if you avoid plastic with BPA in it, but your dentist is filling your mouth with BPA, that's unfortunate. I wish there were more medical practitioners around that understood and used natural medicine. Thanks Dr. Ali for giving us options!

  • Nabil Moghaddam8/12/2019

    I've had many procedures done by Dr. Ali (mercury amalgam removal, fillings, pulling, etc) and every time his work was done with perfection. The world needs more biological and skilled dentists like Dr. Ali. May the Lord continue to bless and protect him and his family.

  • Eryn Darling8/12/2019

    Plainly stated, I met Dr. Farahani only a short few weeks ago and he has already changed my life. To add context, I have sat in more dentist chairs than I can count on both hands. Every time, I would arrive knowing there was something wrong with my root canaled tooth and every time, I was told it was perfect. I would leave frustrated and defeated. Dr. Farahani took one look at me and in one moment validated my concerns; my root canaled tooth had been severely infected for years. My treatment options were given to me and I chose to have the tooth extracted-at what was the easiest dental surgery I’ve had so far.

    My debilitating fear of freezing needles is gone-why? Because I didn’t feel a thing. The trust I lost in dentistry-regained-but only thanks to this brilliant doctor who is passionate enough about helping people to go “against the grain” of traditional dentistry and change lives.

  • Chipman Health8/12/2019

    The first dentist I have ever been to that understands the connections between overall body health and dental health. Dr. Farahani actually put a plaque scraping of mine under the microscope to see where I was in terms of bacterial disease of the gums. He is also up on the most modern methods of implants (I have 5 and his are the BEST). If you like intelligence, logic, really excellent technical skill and honesty in dentistry, I highly recommend Dr. Farahani.

  • Robert Wilson8/12/2019

    I'm now Mercury FREE! Due to Dr. Farahani. Leading edge in his field, with vast knowledge. Felt very confident in his abilities.

  • Judy Carrick8/12/2019

    I highly recommend Dr. Farahani and his team. They are thorough, patient with questions and are meticulous with treatment. They are prompt with appointment times and are very professional with customer service. All treatment plans are thought out with the clients in mind. I am very thankful to have found a dentist like this!

For Expecting Mothers

We understand as a new parent that you only want the best healthcare for you and your child.

Unfortunately, many people look upon dental care as a process which begins later in your child’s developmental stages, when in fact maintaining proper oral care during and after pregnancy is an integral component of you and your child’s total health profile. 

We can treat your child’s teeth before birth.


For Kids

The moment of birth to age 3 is the most critical development period in one’s life outside of the womb. We can also help you answer questions about crooked teeth, thumb sucking and healthy corrective dentistry for kids aged 4 to 6.

We provide more than oral health care protection, we address total health preventative measures that will ensure your child is set on the right health track for the rest of their lives.

For Young Adults

Young adulthood is the last chance we have to use growth to our advantage.  

Our goal when treating this age group is to set them on their way into adulthood with their dental needs looked after – no loose ends. They will be off to university, work or travel, and we must ensure their dental care.

Young Adults

For Adults

We approach adult dental health in a way that addresses the underlying causes of issues. Once these underlying problems are resolved, you will no longer continue to be a “chronic dental patient”. 

This ensures more than a pleasant surface appearance, we will develop your total dental health plan, that will make you feel your best, inside and out.

For Seniors

Treating mental health for seniors starts with their oral health.

As we age, many of us have dentures or dental implants. These dentures and implants require regular monitoring and care. Our dental health in our later years directly impacts our digestion or “gut health” which in turn affects our overall quality of life. 

Together, we will create a Total Dental Health plan, which will enable you to enjoy every day to its fullest.

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Your Path To Total Health

Join the Total Health Dentistry movement at Sante Family Dental. Learn how your dental health affects your overall health and how your overall health affects your dental health. 

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