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Our dental care philosophy is the opposite of patch and fill dentistry.  To restore your health and wellness, we use the best available science and technology, combined with our holistic, natural, long-term approach to restoring dental and overall health. This approach to dentistry finds long-lasting solutions by looking at the ENTIRE picture of mouth and body health.

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Our Team

Here at Sante Family Dental, our team is like family. We take pride in making all our clients feel welcome and comfortable.

Sante Family Dental is the realization of a long-time vision for me. This clinic is designed to serve yet-to-be mothers, pregnant mothers, young children, adolescents, and adults through all stages of life—with every aspect of their oral health, and with special emphasis on their total health. I have dedicated my professional career to finding the missing links and understanding the root causes of oral breakdown in all its forms. I've recruited a team of dedicated veterans who are committed to helping you get to the root cause of your dental issues and helping you address the cause once and for all.

Ali Farahani DDS Stratford Ontario

Meet Ali Farahani DDS

The Doc

For many years, Dr. Farahani has been a leader in the interplay of how dental health and overall health intertwine. Dr. Farahani is well-known as a trusted, competent and above all caring dentist. Until recently he was only in Stratford, seeing adults with advanced dental needs. Now in addition to helping adults, he wants to help the younger generations by meeting them “upstream” to prevent rather than significantly intervene. Dr. Farahani’s patient base has not been from any one city, but instead, from the entire province, as well as from across Canada. His opinion has been sought by hundreds of Naturopathic Doctors from across Ontario as well as by publications such as Alive Magazine, The Globe and Mail, and The Toronto Star. In 2016 he was on a learning exchange at the world-famous Paracelsus Clinic in Switzerland which was featured in the Truth About Cancer series. Dr. Farahani is planning guest lectures on his approach to Total Health Dentistry with world-renowned Dr. Thomas Rau MD.

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