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Sandra Piccoli8/12/2019

Dr Ali Farahani definitely exceeded my expectations. He not only has an extensive wealth of knowledge and experience, but is able to impart his knowledge in terms that are easily understood. He has a genuine care and concern that is unsurpassed. This is truly a dental office unlike any other!!!!

Margot Rita8/12/2019

Dr Farahani was my saving grace. The office was exceptional, kind and informative. I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2015 and i immediately knew something bigger had to be done for my healing. After going to numerous tooth and gum specialists no one could tell me or even explain my sore bleeding gums. When i turned to holistic help by Dr Farahani he performed a few tests and it turned out i had 5 infected root canals in my mouth. What a disaster for healing and health. He performed an operation and removed all the dead teeth out of my mouth. After waking up from the surgery i felt something really different deep inside of me. Something i truly couldn't put my finger on i just felt amazing and pure. A few months later he removed 5 mercury fillings. His approach is gentle, transparent and overall very, very informative. I thank God everyday that i was able to find him. Thank you Dr Farahani


I was formerly a dental phobic. The kind that is politely asked not to return to offices, or is told that sleep dentistry is available. No more. Right from my first appointment, l was able to relax and put my trust in Dr. Farahani. I have had several fillings and bits of reconstruction work performed. Every time, the bite is perfect! Every time, the procedure is painless. Most importantly, this office is respectful and kind... they do not make me feel like an idiot for having questions or concerns. Stellar place to go for your oral health and hygiene.