Sante Dental's Guide to Preventative Care

When preventative care is paired with Total Health Dentistry, you’ll set yourself up for excellent oral and body health for years to come.

Preventative care starts with the three pillars of Total Health Dentistry: Airway, Structure and Nutrition.

Understanding Preventative Care

Understanding and treating what is going on in the body is one of the first steps at understanding your dental health. The changes and health of your body can vastly impact the overall and direct health of your dental health.

How Each Pillar Contributes to Prevention:

  • Ensuring an open and unobstructed airway is one of the best ways to ensure healthy total health.

  • The structure of your mouth and teeth affect the overall health of your body. This includes the nature of your body, bones and even health.

  • Nutrition contributes to all aspects of the body’s health, however, nutrition has a big role in a person’s oral health, as it is the first step of digesting your food.
Gum Care

Treat and Reverse Gum Disease

Stop Tooth Decay In Its Tracks


Natural and Clinical Whitening

Dr. Ali Farahani

Preventative Care Dental Appointment

Starting your journey of preventative care with Total Health Dentistry is easy! 

Get in contact with Sante Family Dental, and we’ll be happy to help you start your journey towards total health for your body and mouth.


Holistic Dentistry

Our dental care philosophy is the opposite of patch and fill dentistry.  To restore your health and wellness, we use the best available science and technology, combined with our holistic, natural, long-term approach to restore dental and overall health. This approach to dentistry finds long-lasting solutions by looking at the ENTIRE picture of mouth and body health.

Holistic meets Technology

Some of our advanced, more natural approaches include: 

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