Airway Focused Braces With Total Health Dentistry

Airway focused braces are a fantastic way to help improve your smile, mouth, airway and total health.

With airway focused braces, we’re not only straightening the teeth, but opening the airway of the patient. Airway focused braces also allows us to find the best natural bite for the patient.

What Are Airway Focused Braces?

Airway and Structure Building

Airway focused braces are a method of braces where we not only straighten the teeth, but also open the airway.  By opening a person’s airway and allowing room for the tongue, we can begin to alleviate breathing problems. 

Airway focused braces are also part of finding a comfortable bite, which isn’t the same for everyone. 

Considering Airway Focused Braces?

  • Treating the underlying causes of crooked teeth
  • Using pre-aligners and nutrition to structure teeth
  • Giving the mouth a chance to become naturally beautiful and productive

Going Beyond the Braces

While braces and airway focused braces help align the teeth and open the airway, it’s essential to understand the root cause of the issue.

At Sante Family Dental, we use Total Health Dentistry focused nutrition alongside airway focused braces to make sure that we find the best natural smile and bite for the patient.

Nutrition and Braces:

  • Nutrition is one of the first steps towards achieving a healthy and straight smile
  • At times, food allergies or sensitivities can create inflammation of the adenoids, tonsils and sinuses amongst other areas
  •  It’s important to maintain a healthy routine of nutrition while pursuing airway focused braces to ensure optimal results
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