Holistic Dentistry Kitchener

What makes a dentist office “Holistic” or “Biological”?

Our Holistic Dentist office (also known as a Biological Dentist office) was created to restore your health and wellness while improving and maintaining your smile.  We want our patients to receive the best oral health they can get.  And you cannot deliver complex, comprehensive dental care without using the best most advanced technology available. 

Our wellness based approach to dentistry:

Our dental care philosophy is the opposite of patch and fill dentistry.  To restore your health and wellness, we use the best available science and technology, combined with our holistic, natural, long-term approach to restoring dental and overall health. This approach to dentistry finds long-lasting solutions by looking at the ENTIRE picture of mouth and body health.

Technologically Advanced:

Dr. Farahani and the team take world-class dental training to bring 21st-century dentistry to their patients.   Much of this training revolves around holistic dental practices to keep our patients healthy.  

Where Holistic meets Technology

Some of our advanced, more natural approaches include: 


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