Bone Regeneration / "Bone Grafting" / For the Jaw

What if my jaw isn’t strong enough to support a dental implant?

The loss of a tooth or teeth can cause stress and concern. We offer safe options in tooth replacement.  But first, we must make sure the bone supporting the replacement and surrounding teeth is as strong and healthy as possible.

Bone regeneration is the process where new healthy bone is stimulated to grow where it is deficient.  We use cutting edge technology which allows the patient’s own blood to be spun and separated in order to derive special cells (CGF, PRF) which in turn stimulate the patient’s own stem cells to grow new gum and bone.

Common reasons for bone loss along the gum line:

  • Missing tooth.
  • Delayed replacement of missing teeth.
  • Periodontal disease.
  • Infection.
  • Trauma to the face and mouth.


Issues linked to bone loss include:

  • Chewing and speech difficulties.
  • Decreased gum tissue.
  • Further damage to gums and teeth: By avoiding chewing on the damaged side of the mouth we often overwork the healthy side creating more issues.
  • Limits the choice for tooth replacement due to lack of bone support.

Benefits of Bone Regeneration in the Jaw:

Bone loss starts occurring as soon as a tooth is lost.  Bone regeneration creates the framework needed for your cells to create new bone.  Eventually, this new bone replaces the added material and the site becomes strong enough to support dental implants.

Bone Regeneration - Before & After

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